O.O Author

Last week we did something amazing and unanticipated, totally out of the blue. As a team, since the start of this month, we have been optimizing our process to better serve our amazing community of Superstars💫.

So when out of nowhere, our CEO, Favour suggested we organize a Virtual Banking Hall, we moved from idea to execution in less than 24 hours. 

It’s in our DNA to iterate, ship 🚢  and execute fast, so we did not waste any time pushing out information. The customer support team was on standby, flanked by Engineering, Comms & finance. 

The plan was simple: open a waiting room, get customers in one by one, hear the issues, and try to immediately resolve those we can solve on the spot or escalate partner-related issues to the right quarters

By 9 am, we were live! One team handling all the complaints and interactions. After about an hour, we realized we could move faster with rooms, and iterated immediately. 3 teams, handling complaints simultaneously and trying to resolve as much as we can.

We see how useful this was, and we would do it again 🖤. 

Please stay glued to our official comm channels for more details. 

Again, thank you for choosing Payday, and we remain committed to improving your experience on this journey towards providing a one-stop-shop for Africans that want to transact globally.