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In recent months, we have experienced rapid growth, and like any fintech, we are now experiencing an increase in scam activity.

These scammers are now using more creative methods to steal personal details and card information, including suspicious text messages or dodgy-looking websites that ask for personal or card details. Once they have gained some details and built trust, they’ll pressure you to transfer or ask for your authorization codes (OTP).

If you give this code to a fraudster and they have your Payday app and card details, they could use that information to access your money.

Now, here are our own tips on how to keep your details private:

How do I keep my details safe?

🔒 Only log in to your Payday account through the mobile app (we do not have a web app)

⚠️ Don’t share any password or authorisation codes (OTP) with anyone, even if they claim to be from Payday. Please note that we will never request these details.

📱We’ll never call you about your account without first contacting you via our in-app chat. Criminals use sophisticated techniques to build trust; calls can often appear to come from a number recognised as Payday.

✉️ If you receive an SMS or Social Media message from any person or business, be on guard, particularly if the message includes a link or telephone number.

What to do if my account or card details are compromised

🔑 Change your password and pin immediately. You can also lock your card details on the app.

📞 If you are still communicating with the scammer, hang up immediately or close the chat.

📝 Report the fraud to us by contacting customer support via our in-app chat. Let our customer support know you may have been a victim of financial crime. Please be open about this so we can help you. 

Please note that these are our only official handles. 

Instagram – @ourpayday

Twitter – @ourpaydayhq

Twitter Support – @Payday_Help

Be vigilant and stay safe out there 🖤.