Izzie E. Author

It is no new information that there are so many scammers out there pretending to be Payday and due to this there has been a rise in scam activities which has become a major concern for us. The safety of our users’ is our priority and so we are putting more security checks in place to ensure that our users are safe. 

We know that trusting us with your money is a big responsibility, which we do not take lightly. Please know that you’re in great company; with more than 300k users (and counting!) trusting us with their funds, our team is constantly updating our security measures to further improve our security systems.

After our last update, we noticed that Android users were experiencing issues logging in after updating the app which led to so many uninstalls and complaints. These users get the error ‘Unable to authorise device’ and in this article, we will show you how to sort this so you can login and start making transactions.

If we are unable to find your visitor ID, we will allow you to log in but you can’t perform any transaction, this is where you will see an error message – ‘unable to authorise device’. This error occurs because the user is on a DNS network or has an Ad blocker turned on and that prevents us from being able to get their user ID.  

This process helps us prevent their account from being hacked or prevent scammers from gaining access to the users account. We had noticed that scammers could gain access to a user’s account because this restriction was not in place but now every user’s account will be more secure as this system has been put in place.

When you see this error message on your screen, how do you get past it?

  1. Go to settings >> search for DNS >> turn it off. 
  2. If you have any app that blocks Ads, kindly deactivate that as well. 
  3. After that, proceed to log out of the Payday app.
  4. Clear the cache of the Payday app and then log in again.

Voila! You now have access to your account.