Olufolake Onasanya Author

Aliexpress is a popular online shopping platform where you can find a wide range of products at competitive prices. To make your shopping experience even more convenient, Aliexpress allows you to pay for your purchases using various payment methods, including credit and debit cards. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of using your Payday Virtual USD Mastercard to pay for your Aliexpress purchases.

Usually, when the total purchase price is fairly low, payment is quite seamless. However, there are certain times when payments get rejected for higher prices and users are required to submit an appeal. If you’ve ever found yourself in that situation, this post is for you.

One of our users, Oladokun (OladokunCodes on Twitter), shared some tips on what to do if your Payday Card gets rejected on Aliexpress.

What to do if your Payday Card gets rejected on Aliexpress:

  1. Submit an appeal for the payment in question
  2. Upload a copy of your Identity document
  3. Upload a copy of your Card statement
  4. Upload a screenshot of your Payday Virtual Card

If you follow all these steps correctly, you will receive an e-mail from them accepting your appeal and allowing you to go ahead with your purchase.

In conclusion, using your Payday card to pay for your Aliexpress purchases is quick and easy. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to make your purchases with confidence and enjoy the benefits of shopping on Aliexpress. Happy shopping!

Remember to use the Live chat option or send us a mail at support@usepayday.com, if you’re having any issues. We’re always here to help.