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We’re excited to inform you that we just rolled out a new update to improve the security of your Payday account. At Payday, our strongest motivation is your trust so we don’t take it for granted. 

To keep your trust in us, we are constantly working to improve your experience—particularly with security. That’s why we pushed this update to provide you with better control on preventing malicious log-in attempts. 

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What’s This Update About?

In simple terms, we have made it possible to have a primary account device; one that can approve or deny log-in requests from other devices. So, if for any reason, some bad actors are able to guess your password, you can block their log-in attempts from your phone.

P.S.: Make sure you use really strong passwords and don’t share them with anybody. Also, no Payday staff will ever ask for your password to offer you support. 

Now, let’s go deeper to understand the key features of this new security update. 

Device Authorisation

With our latest update, you can now sign in on a maximum of two devices with an OTP authorisation from your primary device. The goal here is to protect you from unwanted access as a result of phishing scams while providing the convenience of multiple device sign-ins—if you ever need to.

Universal Log-out

You stay in total control of your account with the ability to log out of every device that’s logged into your account. No matter where you’re logged in from, you can revoke that access on your primary device. 

Device Removal 

Why stop at logging out when you can actually remove a logged-in device? This update allows you to remove any device that has access to your account whenever you wish to. 

🤩 Bonus Security Tips

  1. Never share your Payday or email account password with anyone.
  2. We recommend enabling Two Factor Authentication on your email accounts to keep you extra secure. This way, you’ll be notified if there’s any suspicious attempt. 
  3. Only log in to your Payday account through the mobile app (we do not have a web app).
  4. Do not share your OTP with anyone. If you have any issues, kindly report it via the in-app chat or via email: support@usepayday.com

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Be Vigilant and Stay safe 🖤