Olufolake Onasanya Author

What do you do at Payday?

I am a front end developer at Payday.

Run us through your career history. What did you do before starting your Frontend career?

Before 2017, I majorly worked on freelance projects. However, my career sort of kick started in 2017 when I started working with Total E&P as an IT support staff. Since then, I have worked across other organisations as a full stack developer, doing the whole 360 degrees of front end, backend, etc. You name it. 

Ahn Ahn. Agba Tech bro! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Lol. Na so.

What would we find you doing when you’re not actively working for Payday

In my free time, I try as much as possible to learn new things. I spend a lot of time on research and development. Other times, you’ll find me playing with my cats, playing FIFA with my guys, and occasionally riding horses at the beach.

Describe your job role to a 4- year old

Think of an artist painting pictures on a computer screen? Yeah, my job is to ensure that you can see all the fancy things you like on a computer screen.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part of my job is that it’s fully remote! Other than that, I love the fact that there’s always something new to work on. This helps me to improve myself professionally.

Have you ever had issues with receiving or sending money abroad, paying for things online, too? Care to share what that felt like?

As a developer, I always found it frustrating that I couldn’t pay for services such as domains, web hosting etc. with my Nigerian debit cards. The recent banking policies have even made the situation worse for people generally. However, since I discovered Payday, payments have become super easy for me and other designers in my community. It’s easy to now make any work-related payments using the Payday Mastercard or Visa Card.

How does it feel to be working for a company that is actively solving that problem?

As a programmer, providing solutions is my passion. To be building an actual solution that benefits millions of Nigerians is such a big flex! It feels fulfiling.

Sometimes, work can get overwhelming for everyone. What about Payday makes you wake up and show up everyday?

No lies there. Work actually gets overwhelming, even for me. I think that what keeps me going is the fact that people actually rely on my excellence to be able to enjoy using Payday. I take pride in the fact that the website has enough resources and is visually appealing to whoever needs to get any information about Payday.

What advice do you have for anyone reading this who would like to become a frontend engineer?

First, I’d tell them to learn the basics of HTML, Javascript and CSS, as these are the building blocks of their entire career. I’d also tell them to stay committed and consistent with their work, as they need it to build competence. They also need to get familiar with developer tools, join online communities, and also be open to feedback.  

Brag for a bit. What’s your most significant contribution to Payday yet?

I created the Payday Console. This innovation helps all departments to have access to all their work tools in one space, and also sync with inter and intra department teammates in real time.

Big Energy!

You know this.

Lastly, tell us something nobody else would ordinarily guess about you

Errr, I haven’t been in a relationship before.

Ladies, you heard him. This tech bro is up for grabs! 😉😉😉