Products Updates Payday 3.0. What’s new?
February 5, 2023
Olufolake Onasanya Author

The world is changing rapidly, and so are we at Payday. With each passing day comes a new demand in the economic space – An increasingly heavy demand on card transactions, cross-border transactions, and the list goes on. At Payday, we’re committed to making financial transactions easier for Africans, one country at a time.

When we launched, we set out to create a solution for Africans to send, receive, and spend money globally. So far, we’ve done great at our goal with over 133,000 users to show for it. As a customer- centric organization, we have taken feedback from our users about current features they’d like us to improve on and new features they’d like to see. Well, we heard and we acted! 

In the earlier versions of the app, we had these features:

  • Virtual accounts.
    • Users could create foreign virtual USD, EUR, and GBP accounts and receive payments from 80+ countries
  • Virtual cards.
    • Users could create a virtual USD Card on the app that works globally and at all payment checkouts
    • Users also saved up to 16% in fees when they paid with the cards.
  • Withdraw to local currency
    • Users could withdraw funds to their local bank accounts and send money to other local bank accounts.

Now, we’re switching things up and  improving our product offerings with the launch of Version 3.0.

Online payments are now easier!

What has changed?

With 3.0, we’re looking to give you a more compact experience for receiving, sending, and spending your money without limitations. 

From sleek new design elements to added functionality, this app upgrade has it all. In addition to the current features, here are just a few of the new add-ons:

  1. We have expanded our available currencies to include NGN, USD, GBP, EUR, CAD
  2. You can now add your account details to platforms like Deel to receive your salary in minutes instead of days
  3. You can now buy airtime and pay your utility bills directly from the app.
  4. We added a currency swap feature
    • With swap, you can now exchange USD for NGN and vice versa.
    • You can hold money in any balance till you’re ready to withdraw.
  5. We’ll be merging the Payday balance + USD balance.
    • Your Payday balance and your USD account are now one and the same.  
    • With Payday 3.0, the Payday Balance is taking the back seat and will be combined with the USD balance to make way for a default wallet that’s tied to the user’s local currency. This is important because users can now leave their naira in the app and send wherever they want or swap to a different currency when they need to.
  6. We have added two new options to send and receive money – Paytags and Payment links
    • You can now send money to  other Payday users using their unique Paytags.
    • You can also create a payment link to receive money from anyone.
  7. Withdraw to local currency
    • Users can now withdraw money to any Nigerian bank account (Psst, tell a friend that mobile money withdrawal is coming very soon).

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the latest version of Payday  today and start experiencing all of these exciting features and improvements. Your day just got a whole lot better!

Remember to use the Live chat option or send us a mail at support@usepayday.com, if you’re having any issues. We’re always here to help.