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Payday is the simplest way for Africans to receive and send payments to and from anywhere in the world. With Payday, you get a wallet that can accept international transfers and a virtual card to spend anywhere you wish. No limitations exist with Payday.


At Payday, we've made it easy to sign up using only your BVN and a selfie. It is important to sign up with your BVN so as to prevent impersonation and also keep you safe.


At Payday, we strive to offer the fairest exchange rates. As at the time of purchasing or selling a foreign currency with your local currency, the rates are always slightly lower than the prevailing market rates.


These tags are unique identifiers that replace account numbers on Payday. With them you can receive or send money to any Payday user for free. For example, with your tag, a friend in another continent gets to send money to you instantly with no transfer charges.


Yes, you can. You can create USD, EUR, and GBP virtual bank accounts. To do this simply click on the drop-down button at the top-up of your dashboard and click on create a new account of your choosing.


Setting up a card on Payday is FREE!. The cards can be used for transactions anywhere in the world, and come with a monthly spending limit of $120,000.


Currently, money can only be sent from your payday account to any Nigerian bank account.


1. Tap send from your Payday wallet.

2. Select the country of withdrawal.

3. Choose an available method of withdrawal.

4. Withdraw your preferred amount in three minutes.


There is a withdrawal fee of 1.4% at the time of withdrawal. This is charged against the dollar value you're trying to withdraw.


Your Payday balance is denominated in dollars. At the point of selling the dollars for your local currency, the rates are always slightly lower than the prevailing market rates.


To adhere with standard money transfer protocols, worldwide, the transfer limit for your account is $10,000 per day.


Transfers take a maximum of 3 minutes to settle within Africa. For transfers to countries outside Africa, like the USA, it takes 2 to 4 days.


With Payday, you get to receive money from anywhere in the world. Using a request link, payments can be made into your wallet by anybody you send it to.


All Payday cards are denominated in dollars. That is, you top up your card by purchasing dollars in your wallet with your local currency. These dollars can then be transferred to your card. On the exchange rate, this is done at the prevailing market rates.


All balances on Payday are denominated in dollars. That is any amount sent to you in a currency that isn't dollars will be converted to dollars at the prevailing market rate.


There are no limits on how much you get to receive in your Payday account. Limitless is an actual promise here.


The spending limit per card is $4,000 and $120,000 per month. However, you can hold more than your spending limit in your card.


At the moment, you can only create one card per account.


Though transactions can pend for longer than usual, they end up going through most times. However, if the status reads failed, you'll get a reversal in less than 30 minutes.


Yes, they work everywhere except for betting, crypto, and adult websites.


Your card can be used in any country of your choice.


It’ll be processed in 24 hours or less.


Yes. For Pounds or Euros, a flat fee of 8. For dollars - 0.5% capped at $25.


Your foreign virtual account is securely encrypted and protected.


You can withdraw the funds directly to your payday wallet.


No you cannot fund your virtual card from the virtual foreign account, but you can withdraw to your payday wallet and fund your virtual card.


You can easily fund your card from your NGN balance at your own pace by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Click on the drop-down button at the top of your dashboard to switch accounts.
  • Step 2: Choose your Local NGN
  • Step 3: Click on the Swap button and swap naira to USD
  • Step 4: Navigate to the card page and click on fund card with the desired amount.
  • Step 5: Start shopping.


  • Step 1: Click Account.
  • Step 2: Choose your USD account (Which also has money from your wallet in USD).
  • Step 3: Fund card.
  • Step 4: Start shopping.


Your payday balance is now combined with your US Virtual account balance


Your payday balance will still reflect in this account in addition to your original USD Virtual account. We want all your USD in one place for you to easily access.


Anytime you fund your mastercard from your Payday balance after currency swap, your money will be here.


There are 2 ways to credit your USD Balance.

  • Option 1 Swap the funds in your NGN balance.
  • Option 2 Share my USD account details (details on the app).